The problem is everywhere. But it's also nearly invisible.

You only realize it when it's too late. You need to have a phone call, and it's about something private. Or something that's just a little bit weird to talk about in public.

It could be:
  • your friend calling about your date last night
  • your doctor calling about the test results
  • your son's school calling about an incident
  • your tax guy calling about the audit
  • your boss calling about the merger
  • your bestie calling about some drama
  • your mother-in-law calling about some non-issue
  • your realtor calling about the offer
  • your colleague calling about "the Linda problem"

You need somewhere to talk. But there's nowhere to go! You're on the train, or at a busy office, or in a crowded coffee shop, or in a quiet library.

I made it my mission to solve this problem. That's why I created BLOXVOX.

I want to give you the power to SPEAK FREELY, whenever and wherever you need it.

-Greg Umhoefer
Founder, BLOXVOX

 BLOXVOX Batman Bane Voice Privacy

Credit: @JonyIveParody [Link]