Do you ship to my country?

See Shipping.

Will BLOXVOX make me totally silent?  

BLOXVOX will decrease the volume of your voice significantly. It's difficult to quantify, but we estimate that your voice is roughly 95% quieter. If you are in an area with at least some background noise, BLOXVOX is very effective. This could be the white noise of an office, or even the hum of an air conditioner. If it's completely silent where you are (i.e. you can hear a pin drop), you are still going to be able to hear yourself - though the volume will be greatly reduced compared to talking out loud.

Where is the head strap that I saw in the Kickstarter video?  

During and after the Kickstarter campaign, we received feedback from literally thousands of people from all over the world. It didn't take long to realize that the majority of people strongly disliked the head strap! So this first version is hand-held. A head strap is in development and will be available ASAP for people who need the strap in order to be hands-free.

How is the sound quality to the person on the other end of the call?  

It's pretty darn good. BLOXVOX modifies the way the mic picks up your voice. So, similar to a person sounding different when on speaker-phone, you will sound slightly different using BLOXVOX. I wouldn't worry about it - it's much better than telling everyone what you're talking about!

Does BLOXVOX for Headphones really block out background noise?  

Yes, definitely. We have tested this many times - if the plug is closed, the background noise will be greatly reduced.

What other types of headphones work with BLOXVOX for Headphones?  

The current BLOXVOX for Headphones was designed for standard iPhone headphones - the ones that come with every iPhone. If your headphones have a thicker cord or larger mic than the Apple headphones, BLOXVOX will probably not accommodate those headphones.

Can I use BLOXVOX with AirPods?  

Yes!  BLOXVOX for AirPods is designed to work with Apple AirPods.  Note that it was not designed for AirPods Pro.